Terry Ramsden

48 years old

Terry is 48 and married to Susan with 2 children Milly 16 and Jack 14.  He and Susan have lived on Our Street for the last 20 years.  Terry works as a mobile breakdown mechanic for a small company in town.

Terry and Susan and the children quite often go away for weekends to their caravan in Bridlington.  They’ve had some really good times there although Milly and Jack have said recently that they would rather stay at home and be with their friends.

Times are difficult for Terry’s employer and they have had to make a number of employees redundant.  This has meant that Terry is working longer hours than ever and having to cover a greater area.  He feels like he is only home to sleep and then back out to work, free weekends are becoming less frequent.

It’s a little bit stressful in the Ramsden household, what with Jack studying for his Gcse’s and Milly in sixth form and not really showing any interest in planning for her future.  Milly is spending more and more time with her boyfriend Josh.  Terry and Josh don’t see eye to eye.  Milly is away from home a lot.

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