Doris Clark

85 years old

Mrs Doris Clark is 85 years of age and has lived on Our Street since 1954 when she moved into her new home with her husband Gordon.  They have spent many happy years on Our Street, raising 3 children. Sadly Gordon passed away 4 years ago.  Since then Doris has lived on her own with her cat Pickles. Derek her youngest son, who only lives around the corner with his family, pops around most days.  Derek has a brother and a sister, Graham and Jane; both live a long way away and find it difficult to find the time to visit their Mum.  Doris is very proud of her children and wishes that they were all closer to home.

Lately Doris has been finding it hard to do some of the things she used to do around the house and relies on help from her son Derek.  However, Derek has a full time job and often has to work long hours, making it hard for him to help.

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