Milly Ramsden

16 years old

Milly is the eldest child of Terry and Susan Ramsden.  She lives on Our Street with her Mum, Dad and Brother Jack.

Milly is 16 and has just started at the local college down the road, studying hospitality and catering.  After doing quite well at school Milly is unsure what to do with her life and wasn’t really inspired by the courses and career paths suggested to her.  This is a source of frustration for Dad Terry who feels that she is wasting her time and should be heading toward University so that she has as many choices in life as possible.  Milly has been going out with Josh for the last 2 years and they spend a great deal of time together, much to her Dad’s frustration. Terry and Josh don’t get on and Terry feels that it is Josh’s fault that Milly isn’t more careers motivated.

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