Mike Harrison

52 years old

Everyone knows Mike on Our Street. He’s popular with the neighbours and everyone loves him, except the days when he gets out of the wrong side of bed. He can be a grumpy chap can Mike and he’s becoming grumpier as he loses more of his hair.

Mike works at the local engineering firm, managing a team of five, and he is getting tired from constantly looking over plans, chasing suppliers and organising everything for the projects his firm is working on.

He has to work long hours but the real reason for his extra grumpiness is what’s happening at home. His wife is becoming more withdrawn and refuses to leave the house. It’s agrophobia, they say. And he has frequent rows with his daughter who’s given up college to look after her Mum.

Mike loves his family, but it is all getting a bit too much for him. More stress at work and worries at home with no end in sight. Mike is often found on the river bank, fishing for a catch to help him relax and unwind. But the stress is taking a toll on him, he’s often unwell and sometimes he’s worried that he’s becoming a bit forgetful.

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