Margaret Edwards

91 years old

Margaret is a permanent fixture on Our Street. She has lived in what was her parents’ house since she was a child. She has seen it all as the oldest resident on the street:  new neighbours, new shops, children becoming adults.

She was married to the love of her life John, who passed away in his sleep nearly ten years ago. She misses him terribly and always smiles when she thinks about the wonderful times they had together. ‘They don’t make ‘em like you anymore Mags, you’re one of a kind,’’ he would always say to her. She remembers how he tried to persuade her to go on a hot air balloon for their 50th anniversary… she liked the thought but didn’t fancy standing in a wooden basket with a giant balloon on top. If she could live that day again, she wonders if she might just go up in that blasted balloon.

Margaret has now moved into a care home as she’s finding it harder to cope in her own home. She misses her choir friends. She never missed choir practice every Tuesday evening before singing her heart out at church every Sunday. But she still has visitors, and she’s being well looked after by the Vanguard team. Staff and volunteers alike ….  they bring a smile to her face.


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