Kelly Harvey

16 years old

Kelly is 16 and lives with her Mum Gemma on Our Street.  Gemma and Kelly’s Dad Glen are divorced.  Glen lives over the other side of town with his new partner Sharon. Things are OK with Gemma and Glen and Kelly sees her Dad most weeks.  Kelly has done very well at school and has plans to go onto college to study childcare, and hopes to eventually become an early years teacher.

Sadly Kelly’s Mum has become quite ill recently and Kelly is spending more time at home caring for her Mum. Gemma has been diagnosed with COPD recently and it has meant that she has had to leave work.  This has put her under a lot of pressure as there is no income coming into the house and if Kelly still wants to go to college it will make things even harder for the 2 of them.  Also, Gemma needs more and more help around the home.

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