Gemma Harvey

36 years old

Kelly Harvey’s Mum Gemma is 36 years old and has lived on Our Street for the last 4 years.  They moved there when Gemma and Glen divorced.  Gemma wanted a fresh start in a different part of town. She managed to get a transfer with her employer and had been working at the local supermarket where she was a supervisor.

Gemma has always suffered from having a bad chest, though recently it has got a lot worse, forcing her to have more and more time off work.  Her GP has diagnosed her as having COPD.  Gemma is finding it difficult, sometimes impossible to do a lot of the everyday things that she is used to be able to do, like doing the shopping or cleaning the house.  Sometimes just getting out of bed is a struggle. Kelly has had to take on more and more responsibility for her Mum, which Gemma feels really guilty about and is scared about the future.

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