‘Our Street’ mirrors real life for NHS patients

‘Our Street’ – created by NHS North Kirklees and Wakefield to show how local health and social care services are changing and improving – is mirroring real life.

The ‘Our Street’ cast of virtual characters includes Terry Ramsden who sees his GP about stomach pains. The GP decides Terry needs urgent care and he’s immediately sent to a specialist unit and as a result, admitted into hospital for treatment. Terry’s fictional story is one of a growing number of ‘Our Street’ animated films which show how local health and social care services are changing to benefit patients.

The seamless and rapid service Terry receives was the real-life experience for Tony Shuttleworth, 75, of Briestfield, a patient at Middlestown Health Centre.

In March this year when Tony’s legs suddenly swelled up, his GP referred him direct to the Ambulatory Day Care Unit at Dewsbury and District Hospital where, because he was expected, he quickly had a chest x-ray, blood tests and an ECG. His blood test results were back within an hour and the Consultant immediately prescribed a course of medication and booked a number of flexible appointments for Mr Shuttleworth to return for further checks.

Tony said:  ‘The process was very smooth; it felt like the NHS is getting in place a lot of the things they said they wanted to do.”. Most people who have needed hospital care will be familiar with how things used to work.

Some of Tony’s typical experiences included: being sent to A&E by his GP where he waited two hours for a scan before being discharged. He then had to make a repeat journey to the hospital the following day to collect his prescription which was available only from the hospital pharmacy.

“In the past, Mr Shuttleworth has been successfully treated and recovered, but as GPs we know that sick patients with conditions which are not life- threatening need urgent care outside A&E. That’s why  NHS Wakefield and its partners has put so much emphasis on creating alternatives to A&E and making services more joined up and better able to meet patient needs. It’s clear from Tony’s most recent experiences that things are already changing for the better,” said Dr Adam Sheppard

Photograph: Tony Shuttleworth

Further information from: info@thisisourstreet.com

Editor’s note

Our Street is a street near you, somewhere in Yorkshire.  The people on Our Street will help explain how current health and social care services work in your area, and how the proposed changes and improvements will benefit everyone by changing how hospitals and community services work.  You can visit Our Street by clicking here www.thisisourstreet.com

The proposed changes in health care are part of the Mid Yorkshire Hospital NHS Trust’s ‘Meeting the Challenge’ transformation programme and countrywide health and social care change programmes to provide better care.   More information about the consultation etc can be accessed via www.meetingthechallenge.co.uk website.

Over the coming months we will be adding more stories about the residents of Our Street to demonstrate the changes that have happened already and those that are proposed. We hope that Our Street will help everyone understand the need to improve services and how they will work.

The characters and the street are purely fictitious.  The stories themselves have been taken from real people’s experiences of health and social care services.

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