Doris and Samira help launch Self Care Week

Doris Clark, Our Street’s oldest resident and unofficial star of the street helps launch Self Care Week with a new animated story. The story shows Doris giving her friend and neighbour Samira some advice on a problem that has been bothering her for a while. See video link at bottom of page.

Self Care means eating properly, taking regular exercise and looking after your symptoms of common everyday illnesses. Taking control and recognising when to self-care and when to seek advice, and if you do need advice, think about your local pharmacist or whether a visit to the surgery is necessary. And, if you have a long term condition, understand that condition and how to live well with it daily.

Alan Greening Pharmacist at LivingCare Pharmacy Wakefield said: “I’m not sure everyone knows about all the things Pharmacists can offer, saving people valuable time and trouble, instead of waiting for an appointment at their local GP’s. As well as dispensing medicines we offer services such allergy screening, blood pressure and cholesterol checks. We can even offer flu jabs, advice on treatment of minor ailments such as bugs, viruses, minor injuries and women’s health”.

“As we move into winter we’ll see lots of people with colds and flus; there’s no cure for these, but you can certainly shorten them by doing the right things. Your local pharmacy is the best place for this.
Antibiotics are not the answer for colds and flu, taking them can reduce their effectiveness when you need them to cure ailments that they can help with.”

Watch Doris and Samira’s video

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