Caring closer to home in Wakefield

Health services are now being delivered closer to home for Wakefield residents. Delivering healthcare closer to home means that many more people will access services in their community, or even in their own homes.  This can often be more convenient for patients, and better for overall health and wellbeing.

By increasing the range of services available close to home, local NHS and social care services can support more people to live independently and reduce the need for a hospital admission.  For those who do need to spend time in hospital, better community services will help to speed up the discharge process too.

In Wakefield, we have already started to provide a growing range of healthcare services in the local community.

South Elmsall resident Mrs Richards had a visit from an ambulance after calling 999. Instead of taking her to hospital, which is what they would have done before,  the ambulance crew spoke to Mrs Richards’ GP with concerns about her current medication.  Her GP arranged for the pharmacy team to visit her for a review.

It became clear that Mrs Richards had not had a medication review for some time and some of the drugs originally prescribed were no longer appropriate. Her legs were quite badly swollen and she often felt dizzy making it very difficult for her to walk.

The pharmacy team adjusted Mrs Richards’ medication and continued to review it every week to find the most appropriate dose. They have worked through the options with her and how she can make the best use of her medicines.  Her legs are now much better and she is able to get about the house much easier without pain. Also, while the team were visiting, Mrs Richards mentioned that her bath lift hadn’t been working for some time. The team managed to contact the right people and it was fixed within a few days.

Mrs Richards said: “I am much happier now that my medication has been sorted out, especially as it means I am able get about the house better and delighted with the way the team have treated me.  I really appreciate the opportunity to talk things through with someone which I haven’t been able to do in the past!

To find out more about Care Closer to Home and how your local NHS is connecting care services please click here to watch Doris Clark’s story and connecting care video.  If you would like to learn more about the connecting care please follow this link to Connecting Care Wakefield

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