Bashir’s Story

Nadeem Sadiq is flopped on the living room sofa with his son Bashir, enjoying the football on TV. Bashir is wearing his favourite Spiderman pyjamas, but he doesn’t look happy.
Bashir’s Story

He rubs at his arms through the sleeves.

“Dad, my tummy hurts.” Bashir wheezes.

Bashir’s Story

Samira Sadiq pops her head round the door, phone in hand…

“Sue Ramsden says Doris Clark is tellin’ everyone on the street you’re a hero!”

Bashir’s Story

Bashir’s eyes widen with amazement and delight.

“Are you a super hero dad?

Bashir’s Story

He jumps off the sofa.

“Can you fly? Spiderman can climb walls. Like this…”

Bashir tries and fails to climb the living room wall. He looks a little panicked and turns to his dad, wheezing.

Bashir’s Story

“Samira! Where’s his inhaler?!” 

Nadeem scoops Bashir up and carries him through to the kitchen.

Bashir’s Story

Samira grabs an inhaler from her bag.

Bashir clutches at the inhaler and sucks in.

Bashir’s Story

“What do you reckon? A&E or the what-do-you-call-it, the walkabout centre?”

“I don’t know. Why do I have to decide everything?”

Samira looks at her little boy.


Bashir’s Story

In the car, Samira sits next to Bashir on the back seat.

Bashir concentrates on his breathing. It improves.

“Dad. Does Spiderman ever get asthma?”

Find out what happens to Bashir soon...

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